The Blue Trees Project

by John Doe

After recently returning from France, Tony discussed a new project with internationally renowned New Zealand sculptor Kon Dimopolous. Kon is quietly rethinking what art looks like or does, with installations that have a community approach and that tackle compelling issues like the environment and destruction of nature. When he finishes his current project in the US in October, Kon will begin installing Blue Trees at Prancing Horse - a community project we want people to get involved in. Blue Trees will be a striking kinetic sculpture sympathetic to the Estate’s overall concern for the environment.

The installation sees a stand of trees transformed into blue poles. It’s thought they may then become a reference for directions, a meeting place, a conversation point, a much photographed tourist curio or simply a constantly changing visual attraction. “It’s to draw attention to the environment but when installed, we’ll be inviting our friends and passers-by to stop and contemplate its raison d’être” says Tony. “We’re doing this really to reinforce our own sustainability message but who knows what other interest it may spark!”