MV Henri Giraud Fût de Chêne

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Champagnes Henri Giraud are established at Aÿ, one of the 17 villages (out of 323) whose terroir is classed Grand Cru. This appellation may only be mentioned on the bottles of producers whose entire vineyards are within the Grand Cru terroirs, and as such is a guarantee of quality.

The Giraud-Hémart family have been in Aÿ since the 17th century and have become a veritable legend with generation after generation increasing the size of the domain to make it today one of the greatest domains in Champagne.

Aÿ is one of the most distinguished terroirs with its ideal orientation giving unparalleled fruit characters to the grapes and its chalk strata from which the Pinots draw their minerality and finesse.

Henri Giraud mature their wines in barrels made from oak from the Argonne forest, a practice that had fallen into disuse in Champagne since 1950, but which they reintroduced.

These distinctive barrels proffer richness, elegance and an incomparable lightness of oak to the Henri Giraud champagnes.