In the Vineyard (August 2014)

by John Doe

August Update:

The 2014 winter continues to bring cold, wet and windy conditions from Bass Strait with cold winds that help make this region renowned for its wine. While it’s not the best time to be working outside, Paul Danaher, and his team are busy pruning and preparing beds in anticipation for the start of spring.

In Cathy’s garden, planter boxes have been composted and planted with a variety of vegetables and herbs to showcase the biodynamic story. The herb and veggie garden has become an interactive space for visitors to learn and enjoy. As spring and summer approach watch how this garden grows along with the roses that we pruned in late July for visitors to admire at the cellar door.

The remnants of the Blue Trees exhibition can still be seen in the car park and garden reminding us to start planning for our next exhibition in time for summer.  

Tony Hancy.